Web interface


do i need IIS installed for the web interface to work?


no you dont’!.. if you see a blank website (“nothing”). Check the following:
the first XSLT (XML) has an output pin “message”. What does it say?
If it sais, the DTD could not be found… try renaming the .dtd file in the bin folder from 33beta10.dtd to 33beta10.0.dtd.

david have you encountered the problem with a wrong named .dtd? the right name should be 33beta10.dtd which is included in the download. this problem should not exist.

i have an other suggestion. turn off skype or any other program blocking the default http port (i.e. port 80).

i had a different problem with the webinterface on one computer. the interface was showing in the webbrower but the stylesheet was obviously not used. it was of course in the right place but just wasn’t used by firefox. and the submit didn’t work in that case. what could that be?

have a look at the about node. it sais the version is 33beta10.0. getPatch makes use of the internal hold version information as well. there is the problem. it wasn’t realized before because most of the versions had a subversion like 33beta9.1.

for the second qustions… hmm. if the stylesheet doesn’t appear the server cant serv the ressource. since the actual files (pics and css sheet) are read from the hard drive everytime a request is processed and in the same time no values were transmitted to vvvv --> i guess the http-receiver did not work.

hi viktor.

thge web interface patch didnt work for me too in the beginning. now it works. it was because of skype. so if you have skype or another networking software running close them and try again.

or change the Port on the HTTP-Server Node with Herr Inspektor to e.g 81. with your browser you need to call http:/localhost:81/yourURL then.

i closed skype n it works

thx a lot