Web Interface

I’ve been trying to learn how to set up a browser based interface. I get the impression that there are a few folks already doing this?

At the moment I’m playing with JQuery UI, and have learned how to make buttons & sliders. I’m not sure what would be the best options for getting this info in to VVVV though?

Any tips?


Have a look at the Webinterface-Plugins by phlegma and their helppatches.

also there is a little more info here WebBasedConfigurationInterface

Thanks, that sounds amazing!

Does anyone have the dll built and handy? I was just trying to and could not get it to work. I was trying using Visual C# express 2010, but that might not be the right way to go about it?


her is a build .dll and a little patch.
But attention the webinterface is still in a pre-release state.
So sometimes the behaviors is a little bit strange.
For the communication between the Browser and vvvv there runs a server in the Background, so it’s important that port 80 is not block by another programm. e.g Skype does this.
feel free to contact me on skpye for more information or questions.


pre release of the webinterface.dll (176.3 kB)


Wow! Bravo :)

That’s looking very exciting. And much more easy and powerful then what I started working on. Seems like there will be lots of nice possibilities this will open.

If at any point you want some specific functions to be tested I’d be happy to.

any new version available for beta testing ? unfortunatelly i get compilation error when trying the sourceforge stuff. seems like things are not compatible with 24.1 anymore ?

might you need 24.9

Are you using the Dyamic Editor or have you tried it with an IDE like Sharp Developer.?
Never tested it with the Dynmmic Editor.

webinterface.dll (195.5 kB)

thanks phlegma, i love this webinterface stuff.

just tried a textfield with multiline but with multiline set to 1 it doesnt display any pre-configured text…right ?

you a right -> but know it does;-)

WebInterface.zip (207.4 kB)

it still doesnt…see helppatch
on refresh the mulitline textfield is emtpy

Webinterface_multiline.v4p (29.1 kB)