Wbcam video in

Hi, i’m a newby with very low skills
I’m trying to connect a simple webcamt to VideIn DShow9 node. On my laptop work easily but doesn’t work on my descktop home computer…why? The Video texture doesn run, render is black and i had also tryied all the drivers possible setting…
Can someone help me?

hm…on your desktop pc do you have any other software that shows that the camera is working?

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Yes the camera work with any other software and i also triy with different webcams.
I find out that it work with an old 4V version (45beta29_x86, only setting at 10254 x 576).
On some pc desctop run immediatly but not on everyonel (i tried on many pc in my office)
What can i do?
I need the webcam on the last version…

this seems to be a tricky one then… so if b29_x86 works…have you also tried the x86 version of b36?

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