WavePlayer - Pan not working?


I just tinkered around with the WavePlayer node and found that the pan function didn’t work for me.

My setup:

Waveplayer node with two .wav files playing simultaneously connected to AudioOut

No matter wether I connect a single value to the pan input or a spread of two values, it has no effect. That’s a real pitty because otherwise one could mix together two audio streams into one stereo output with the two streams panned to one single track (left or right).

The pan input of the AudioOut node however seems to work, so it has nothing to do with my soundcard itself I guess.

I tested this on a MacMini running Win XP as well as on a Win Laptop running Win 7, also with different .wav files.

helo freaq,

i am afraid, the pan pin of WavePlayer (DShow9) is actually not implemented. i removed it for now so it won’t confuse anyone more.

what should work for you though is playing back the two files via two separate FileStream (DShow9) and set their panning separately on their two connected AudioOut (DShow9).

also you could have a look at all then nodes in the Bass category.

thank you!