Wav loop trouble


as it seems not possible to use sound modules (like lfos etc.) for generating realtime sound in vvvv like in PD, we decided to use WAV loops in our projects.

I did a patch which contains 6 of vvvvs wavplayer modules and each wavplayer plays one of the wav files (sizes from 2-10 mb / 44khz 16 bit) we want to use. the idea was that the different wav loops are faded in and out during the use of our installation, which would be no problem using the waveplayers volume and the play pin.

the problem is when I let all 6 wavplayers run at the same time my pc (notebook 512mb 1.73 GHZ Intel mobile) begins to cry and then finally to freeze, just about 4 wavplayers can be run simultaneous without trouble. the thing is that we might need about 10 loops played simultaneous at the peaktime and we also have our graphical output patches running on one pc.

therefore my question: Is there any other opportunity or patch in vvvv we could use for mixing up about 10 loops (maybe mp3…) or do we have to include another sound tool like reaktor or ableton live or maybe PD ?

thousand thanks for any help or comment !

enjoy the day!

you can spread the inputs of the waveplayer. so you need to use only one node for playing all sounds. it should easily handle 10 loops at the same time…

yes, playing many audio files was one of the reasons why the waveplayer was invented. before, one has to use a lot of FileStream (DShow9) nodes with the same problem you describe. to do so, you must connect a spread of filenames to the waveplayers input and some value spreads to the control inputs… and dont miss the funky examples in the girlpower subfolder + Sound …

hey oschatz & tonfilm,

thanks for your quick replies…the spread solution sounds very cool, but I really don’t get it together…

do I have to connect a spread with the “filename” pin of the waveplayer node ? so I can choose different files for the wavplayer ? I can’t connect the spreads with that filename node, seems not to be supported.
I guess with “some value spreads to the control inputs” you can archieve to have different play buttons and volume meters…

sorry, I am quite a rookie in that spreading stuff…if you got a spreaded wavplayer floating around it would be cool to have a look at it…and yes I checked the examples in the girlpower +sound dir, that flanger thing rocks!


check the patch…i think that’s what the fellow v4 mates mean…

wp_spreads.v4p (3.5 kB)

ok, here a starting patch. recommended reading: Spreads

SpreadedWavePlayer.v4p (10.3 kB)

hehe, angel was faster :)

thanks mates! the players are dope! just built a cool position indicator for the single wav tracks.

just got one problem, the volume ouput is very low and I got the volume of the audioOut node turned to 0db…if I increase the volume with a single IOBox up to 7 the level is ok. but with that IO box tonfilm provided in his patch you just can go to 1, even if I set the maximum to a higher number in the IObox properties via the inspektor.

is there any trick ?

so thanks again and good night!


ok ok, just switched a multiplikator with the value 8 in between…thanks anyway! I get deeper into the vvvv vibe…

Okay, so this inspires me, I’m modding tonfilm’s player for my own needs, but I’m having trouble figuring out the logic to make it so that a channel only triggers when it’s been “turned on” and position==1, and keep looping until it’s turned off. Any ideas?

(yes, I’m trying to create Ableton Live using vvvv, why not? If I can run my audio and visuals from the same app, I’ll just get rid of my shell entirely ;>)