Water surface and wave simulation

Hi evvvveryone,
I want to use the wave-simulation 2.0 to create a realistic water effect but how can I apply the “water material” on this patch?

Probably I will need to use a shader… i found this “https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/2012” but I’m not able to use the code. :-(

Can someone help me?


try the code from wave02.zip (your first link)

the b&w output of this can be used as a displacementmap [(contribution:heightmap-displacement](https://vvvv.org/documentation/(contribution:heightmap-displacement) for example) > so you can get serious water simulation


Have you tried this?

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Hi guys,
I’ve found this Displacement Map shader: displacement-map

It works very well with the wave-simulation and it allows to achieve an interesting water effect.

Now I want to track the people shapes from the top to achieve a first interaction like this example (the water effect is at the beginning and in the last 10 seconds): http://vimeo.com/32958883

Is Contour (FreeFrame DShow9) the best way or someone can advise me something better?

Thanks… as always.

Have a look at Trautner (FreeFrame DShow9)