Hello vvvvoys.

Now Im doing installation project with vvvv toolkit at museum.

But I have a problem that sometimes our system goes down due to a variety of reasons.(ex. my programing mistake, play a trick by viewer)

So we want to find auto-restart program using process monitoring.

Is there anyone who knows about
watachdog program/restat program tool?

Do you have any to recommend?




hi sakamoto-guest,

do you run only one pc ore more?

sometimes our system goes down

does vvvv crash or does Windows crash?

anyway i recommend
*setting in the BIOS:
+“power on after power failure”
+“Always Startup on Power On”.
+your BIOS should have similar options.

*put a link to your rootpatch into the autostart-folder

this way anyone in the museum can restart the system by simply switching power off, waiting min 10 secs, and switching power on again.