Wanted: cheapo USB Video Grabber W7/64 compatible

Ever since switching from XP/32 to W7/64, both of my USB Video Grabber Dongles LogiLink and KWorld, the break-out cable sort of thingies, refuse to work as smugly as they did before. They kinda get enumerated but nothing’s passed through, thanks to poor 64bit support. Vista drivers don’t solve the issue. I’m not reverting back to XP/32 just for some USB Video Grabbers worth two Pizzas ;-)

I’m asking you gals’n’guys for recommendations for a budget (!) USB Video Grabber supporting at least S-VHS and reliable W7/64bit support. Although all of my (quite old) DV cams support iLink/Firewire, I couldn’t find suitable drivers making them show up in our favvvvourite toolbox.

Uh yeah. Pat.

I assume people reading my request were too pro to mess with cheapo Grabbers. Hmmmm …

“Budget” is a relative unit of measure, the Intesity Shuttle is also a relatively cheap interface for example, still 200 euros can be heavy on the pocket on these days.

You never know, using pinacle or osprey
But got some that never work like shuttle

Humkay, let’s call €50 a temporary max. budget. Mind you, I was happy with some Trautner or Contour puzzle, some old DV cams and that USB Grabber worth €25. OTOH I can’t be sure whether that setup introduced a bottleneck or whether my PCs were rather intermediate than pro in performance terms, and whether a pro Grabber would improve on general performance.

The Osprey line, Antokhio, is PCI only. I need an external version, either USB or FW. Pinnacle seems to have one hardware and several software solutions. Having no use for the software at all (when doing video, I log directly from FW to HD in FinalCut Pro, as FW supports Device Control), they seem to share the same hardware which isn’t W7/64 supportive.

The Intensity series, not telling anything about 64bit, requires either Thunderbolt, USB3 or PCI. The latter isn’t a flexible option when using lappies and my gear is way too old for USB3 or Thunderbolt.

But yo, thanks so far!

well, we did some tests with cheap usb captures, they were mostly the same
the only leap was osprey with internal de-interlace and more fun stuff
here i checked on web seems pinnacle don’t exist, but that should work http://www.hauppauge.com/site/products/data_usblive2.html
google check