Wanderer start position

I just noticed that the wanderer would start at the specified start position only when the reset pin is banged, but shoulnd’t it also take over the start position value when the patch starts or F9 is hit? Sure, I could connect an OnOpen with the reset pin.

Seems that the start position is not set to the intial value of the internal integrator.
you can fix it with a pad an assign the start Input to create.

Also see attached patch.

WandererStartFix.vl (104.3 KB)

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Maybe also set the initial settings for the 3D wanderer to the same like the 2D version, because its not working as expected out of the box. Main Direction Tendency, Direction Deviation and Speed are set to values that make it seem to be broken at first.

all good points, thanks. fixed for > 2021.4.9

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