Wall ODE problem

I have realized the patch in enclosure, using objects ODE, the collisions happen well, but when the spheres beat to the walls, at times they pass the wall, and they get further.
where have I been wrong, that corrections I can do?

does another way exist for fencing the spheres?

thanks always for the help.

prova sfere.v4p (356.3 kB)

another 1000node guy:
you are not new around here, did you never hear about _spreads_?
you should immediately start reading this.

and for ODE related things search the ODEmodules by @tonfilm.

you can also try to use 4 ODE planes ‘standing’ vertically instead of the boxes. take extra care on the direction of the planes and you should get a cell no sphere can escape from.

Wow, missed you can scrolll to the right for hours!! ;)
That is not a pleasant way to patch.

The ODE thing is rather tricky/weird, never got it to work proper myself, but I do remember that you should make the walls heigher than the balls, cozz when they escape, they actualy jump over the wall (or something).

thanks to all for the suggestions,
I know it is a gigantic patch, it was an old patch that I have taken back, now I succeed in creating the subpatches and I have to give him one polished up.
can I use the spreads to duplicate the spheres then?

I make some tests, and I send you the result.

wanting to create 50 spheres from the attached patch, as can I use the spreads?

sphere.v4p (14.3 kB)

have a look into the help patches from here.

thanks thousand with the transformeODE are very simple to use the spreads.
do I have a problem now, have I realized the patch that she is seen in figure, but among the sphere the other objects there is a space, as can I resolve the problem?
putting the sphere without spreads the problem there is not.


sphere.v4p (14.2 kB)