Wait some time before restarting iteration, please port this to vl

So, I was working a project, which has many aspects taken care by python.
One of the operation was to download some zip files, and to wait some time before starting the loop again and dl another file.

Today, with latest alpha I managed to use System.Net to create a DownloadFile node. Something was going wrong, red nodes and so on, so I killed vvvv, deleted the vl folder, delved a little deeper into the methods and so on. Unfortunately I was never again able to create the node. It said something about the need of unique names for vl (indeed it even didn’t let me to clone the template, until I put up the latest alpha).
The following pseudo code should be self explanatory.

int i = 0
int a = 2
for i < 10 { //this could be also a while loop or a do … while
a = pow(a,2)
wait(10) //this could be seconds, but also frames
i += 1

So as specified in the “comments”, also while loop is of interest, and of course frames other than seconds.

In vvvv I’d wait to get a positive return from some node (file is saved), feed a bang to a delay, then to a framedelay, then I’ll have to patch something to stop iteration so to cut off the framedelay from the flow.

I hope this makes some sense.

before going into details, please check this example:


does that help?

Yep, the download bit is the path I started to explore, once I couldn’t import any longer System.Net.WebClient etc.
Still didn’t figured it out completely, needed a bit more investigation; then I decided to post the question.
The question still stands, unless it is inappropriate, although waiting between operations (in an iteration) could still be of some help in a few scenarios.

in the example i linked to…there is an ‘In Progress’ indicator that is active while a file is downloading. also there is a ‘Restart’ input to the AsyncTask region. i’d suggest that between those you can build a vvvv like connection using TogEdge->MonoFlop->TogEdge->FrameDelay to get what you asked for.

if not, please elaborate…

I’ll study this as soon as possible.
Thank you for now.

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