Wacom cintiq 24 hd touch

has anybody tested the newest wacom cintiq with multitouch capability ? link
also, does someone know who has been writing the wacom plugin for vvvv ?

the plugin was written by @motzi

i did? wow, i don’t remember that one…

just kiddin’. quick search revealed that it was actually user @moti)). see here: ((forum:tablet-plugin

ah right sory. no idea how i could get you two confused.

the current tablet plugin basically wraps an existing c# wrapper (vbtab) of the wintab api, which seems to be the industrial standard (enforced by wacom) for interfacing pen devices.
unfortunately that c# wrapper has not been updated for a couple of years already so the options for extending the features of the plugin are either diving into existing wrapper, comparing it to the newer versions of wintab and extending these or writing a new wrapper doing all the interop stuff with wintab.dll.
diving into this topic a while ago couldn’t find satisfying documentation of neither the wrapper nor the api itself. so i ended up parsing out the additional features i needed from the raw hid output…

It might sound strange, but even though vvvv is a graphical programming environment it is completely unusable with modern graphical input devices.
That applies to the cintiq line of tablets (we have a few of them here in our studio) as well as tablet PC’s like the recent MS surface.