VVVVlash (flash integration)

I can’t seem to get the the Flash (EX9) node to work. Please see attached Jpeg to see what it is doing. I’ve updated to the latest Flash player, so any other suggestions would be very helpful.

uninstall flash 10 and install flash 9
and search on the vvvorum lods of threads

ant, have you actually tried downgrading flash? Adobe makes it very hard to do so and no one as yet has actually confirmed this to be a solution to the problem. If you know how to downgrade Flash please do share.

In short, I believe that there is no known solution to this problem.

hope you can check it now ;]

i ve done downgrading a few times, so yes it works
here is the magic adobe link

follow their uninstaller instructions and make sure you install the active x plugin version 9.


Have you ever run into this problem??

EDIT: Nevermind, I found the answer here and it works…