VVVVgamma 5.2 + Runway Bug


I am experiencing difficulties with my VL patch on the Runway website. Normally, the patch works perfectly fine, but currently, it is not functioning as expected.

Here are the steps I have followed:

  1. I created a folder named “runway” and added the “hosted-models.txt” file.
  2. I entered the correct address for the model: “reiinakano/AdaIN-Style-Transfer” at “https://adain-style-transfer-917a97c4.hosted-models.runwayml.cloud/v1/”.
  3. On the website (Runway), the circle is green and appears to be in a good state.

However, when I try to run the VL patch, it shows a red circle and does not work.
Can someone help me to resolve the problem?

are you saying this is particular to 5.2? if so, which earlier version does it still work with?

I tried using vvvv gamma 2021.4.12, and it works perfectly. However, in Gamma 5.0 and 5.2, it’s not possible to generate an image (red patch).

so you’re saying if you’re NOW opening your patch in 2021.4.12 it works, and if you NOW open the same patch in 5.2 it does not?

Yes, the patch does not in 5.2 but works in 2021.4.12

confirmed and thanks for reporting. the nuget needed an update for 5.x. please test again with the latet version VL.RunwayML 1.1.0-pre

I tested with version VL.RunwayML 1.1.0-pre and the patch doesn’t work (red pin).

I’ve the same problem with RunwayML.

Which version of VL in compatible???

For me, the version 2021.4.12 is compatible.

there is now a new version out of the nuget: 1.2.0-pre which you may want to try.
unfortunately though, it looks like runway have stopped support for hosted models, thus we’re not going to maintain this anyfurther from here.

Ok Joreg, thank you for the informations. Too bad for runway.


Sent an email to RunwayML asking them if MLLab was being deprecated. They just answered and gave a link to an update they posted today.

So MLLab is indeed being shut down at the end of this month.

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Hey @visionnocturne @aelfwine
What are you traying to achieve? there are other options than MLLabs indeed :)

Thanks Amir, I was just trying Runway. But I’m interested to see other options than ML labs with vvvv :)

Basically, anything with an API works perfectly fine!
Azure, OpenAI, Stable Diffusion…

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Thank you Amir and how connect you vvvv with Api? with HTTP Requests or other? can you show me an example?

@visionnocturne: Check out this workshop by @sebescudie.