$(VVVV45) in dynamic plugin .csproj file gets replaced with relative path

If I change the relative vvvv paths in a dynamic plugin .csproj file to $(VVVV45), it becomes nice and portable and can be moved around with no ill effects. But if I edit/recompile the plugin, then $(VVVV45) in the paths are replaced with a relative path.

That works right then, but breaks when I move the plugin where the relative path is no longer correct, or try to use it with another version of vvvv (so the vvvv path is wrong).

Great idea to have $(VVVV45), but it needs to be persistent across plugin edits!

The same thing happens with absolute paths to external libraries. Bogus.

hei mediadog,

can you confirm that this problem is solved in latest alphas with this:

if not please provide an example.

Well, the way it behaves in the alpha is that it appears to ignore the path given and always load the libs for the vvvv being run - which is OK by me. I only tried this on one machine, will try on another with some of my own plugins that I had problems with in the past, and report back if there are problems. Thanks!

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