Vvvv + XmlNetServer?

Hi im looking into aquiring Bioera, a software for biofeedback analysis. As far as communicating with other programs its prefered protocol appears to be XmlNetServer:

It can:

‘Exchange data across computer network, Internet or LAN: NetworkServer and NetworkClient (built on sockets), XmlNetServer’

Not having a great deal of knowledge regarding network protocols/methods i though id get a quick heads up from the VVVV experts as to how easy, if possibile, it will be to get VVVV receiving data from Bioera?

Here’s more detailed info from their manual:

This element can be used to send dynamically data from BioEra to external application via TCP network. Data is sent in Xml format which is flexible and simple. TCP socket is universal and can be accessed in most languages (C++, Java, VB, C# and others) and systems (Windows, Linux, Mac, PDA).

Fields: Port – network port

There are two types of tag sent from BioEra: Status or Data

Status tag is sent upon a change in BioEra (Start, Stop, change in design etc). Status tag contains information about number of channels and current state, after that each channel’s name is provided:


Data is sent as often as the sampling rate of the connected element. Data tag contains values of all channels. Each value is in range 0…1 or -1…1. Logical TRUE is sent as 1, and logical FALSE is sent as 0.


I appreciate any light you guys can throw on this.


TCP network Server will communicate with XML net and socket and alike
good luck