Vvvv world patch championships (NODE13)

Hi All, especially node13 organizers

I have for quite some time had the idea of making friendly competitions, both to learn and have vvvvun.

The contest is head to head, a contest master show the end result of a patch, without showing the patch itself and on time, say 10mins, the two contestants try to get as close to the result the contest master has presented. Patching takes place on a big screen for each contestant, so the spectators can follow the patching and learn from it. The winner is the one getting the best result fastest. More specific rules should be developed.

I have never gotten around to actually organizing it, but I feel that the NODE events would be the logical occasion to host the world championships in vvvv patching.

I have this image in my head of a room filled with people cheering their support to their favorite patcher and lots of laughs and general fun.

how about it?


it’s prob better to have more then two participants same time…
don’t mentioning that you can patch something that normal user would take a week to solve hehe, like Radix. But it’s still fun i’m up to try to win that one hehe