VVVV vs PureData - Networking


when trying the network patch for sending/receiving data from/to PureData found here (on this wiki page) with beta22, i experience two issues:

  • when opening vvvv after pd, pd closes immediately
  • pd receives data from vvvv, but not the other way around
    any ideas on what could cause this behavior?

helo diki,

just tried with: Pd version 0.41.4-extended
and your patches mentioned. works as advertised.

  • pd doesn’t close, when starting vvvv after pd
  • vvvv receives data also from pd. note that in pd you have to click the “connect localhost 3001” message first.

hi joreg,
i’m afraid it’s just me :( tried different applications besides pd, and they exhibit similar behavior: as soon as vvvv opens, the other application does no longer receive OSC signals. what kind of system setting (besides firewalls) could be responsible for that?

edit: reinstalling vvvv solved the problem. no idea where i messed up, though :P

edit: no it didn’t XP
although the applications can send & receive osc now, it appears that vvvv is left out (no communication between vvvv and other apps possible).

edit: sorry, it appears vvvv does not even communicate with itself. it’s probably an issue with this machine’s settings; sorry for spamming the forums.