Vvvv / VL - Bittrex API - HTTP GET / POST / 2FA


Hi Guys,

I’ve been playing with some crypto trading simulations lately and have been using vvvv for prototyping most of the time. So far i have no problems using the old but gold HTTPGet (Network String) Nodes to recieve Public Data from Bittrex’s API.

For Example Like This: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bxvckQUycUKTaUz7oI9ll9rNUVGfDHLc
(who the fuck’s decicion was it to exclude new users from adding attachments? i mean wtf guys, don’t break my balls :P)

Now it would be time to Post back some stuff. I have some trouble configuring the Header in a way that it works with bittrex. I Have 3 problems

  1. Header Format: How do i Format the Header in application/JSON Format within VL and how do i integrate the already placed (but still kind of hidden) field into the dataflow correctly.

  2. Authetication: Is there a way to Hash API Keys, Secret, Nonces etc. together within VL like it is asked by bitrex: https://www.bittrex.com/Home/Api <-- Authentication
    (I’ve written a thread concerning this a while ago asking help mith HMAC 512 encryption, @joreg helped a lot)

  3. Market API async/callbacks: What do i have to look out for, in case i have multiple post request at the same time?

Any help on this topic would be hyper apreciated and i think this could be the start of something nice.
If we’d had a framework with access to a cryptomarket, i am shure we have a lot of ladies and gents here, eager to compete for the best autotrader ;) VL/vvvv only of course :P

Would be cool to hear from you guys! Happy new Year!


hei vl.ad,

i guess your request is a bit too complex to give you simple hints. please try to break it down. show us a patch with your attempt so far and describe where exactly you need help.

one thing i can suggest already: use AsXElement (JSON) and then see its helppatch on how to further access the objects content (instead of manually string-splitting things)


hey joreg,

thanks for your reply! basically what i want to do is to get this:

into the header within a modified HTTPGet Node here:

i have trouble figuring out how to hash the signature, basically do the whole part programatically in vl / vvvv. not even sure if there is a way to do so…

What I am working on right now looks like this (just as a hint what i am working on):
CandleLight_00.7z (11.3 KB)


ouright, so to my understanding this would go something like this:

GetOpenOrders.zip (7.7 KB)
note: please try this only with latest alpha, since i found and fixed a little bugger while at it…

there shouldn’t be a need to modify the HTTPGet node. apikey and nonce go in as name-value-pairs added to the uri and hashing the complete uri goes via the imported hashing operation…


Ok Man. This is genius! …and it works perfectly fine.
I guess you already know that.

Thank you so much!
I will get back to you in a while with some fine results.



a quick google gave me 3 c# projects that wrap the bittrex api and have recent updates, even nuget packages. might be easier to drag/drop import one of them. didn’t take a closer look so you’ll need to check which one you like the most:


hey @tonfilm !
i will look at it when there is more time to get the learning forwarded as well.

as this is still prototyping i will use joregs contribution for testing.

thank you so much still, let’s see what comes with time.