Vvvv to WYSIWYG via local ArtNet

Hi all,

I’m having a hard time trying to hook up vvvv to WYSIWYG (Cast Software’s) via ArtNet, running on the same comp.

Found this thread with a couple of interesting insights:

In particular @joreg mentions that even when only using the Artnet sender node, the port for listening is still opened.
Is it still the case? (or any new way/trick to bypass that?)
In that case it would explain the problem, by preventing another app to open/listen on that port… (since you cannot set it, I guess WYG uses the ArtNet standard 6954).

And I kind of lean towards this:

  • if my v4p is started first (basically just the DMX ArtNet help patch with the receiver cut away) then WYG will pop up the error:
    “Failed to start Artnet node: failed to bind to socket 10013”

  • if WYG is started first, and then my v4p, the DMX Artnet node would get stuck in top left of the patch, find another random spot each time I try to drag it, and cannot be inspected… Obviously it’s not stoked to be here!
    If I log to a TTY it rifles:
    “event.call: error occured in TMDMXArtnetSenderNode: Could not bind socket. Address and port are already in use”

So it sounds pretty obvious that both are just trying to access the same port, no matter who listens and/or sends only.
I don’t have 2 Win machines over here so I cannot confirm everything works as expected when taking out these multiple ports problems (any fellow LD working on such a setup who could confirm that everything works?)

I know that you can specify another port for Artnet when running vvvv from commandline, but it would solve the problem only if one could set a different port for sending & receiving…
I’m reading about “Microsoft Loopback adapter” in a few threads about similar local Artnet setups and port problems.
I did try though, and confirm that sending Artnet from vvvv to the IP set for the created loopback interface does reach the Receiver node, though it doesn’t seem to solve the problem in WYG (where I also do set the appropriate interface in the WYG Artnet Configuration Utility).
Thus although the Loopback adapter does seem to allow create a “virtual network card” for you (and thus allowing you to send to a local IP even if no cable is plugged in your socket) I’m not really sure it does allow opening ports twice any better…

Can you guys confirm the Artnet sender node does by default open the port for reception (even if unused), and that (I hope not) there’s nothing to do about it?

Otherwise, any other experience/tricks for Artnet local setups? I guess the problem would be the same with any app expecting to listen to ArtNet generated out of vvvv…

If I have any hack on my side I’ll share my recipe over here!

did you find the info on changing the artnet port: protocols#dmx art net
does that help?

Hi joreg,

Thanks for your reply.
Yes I did see that, but WYSIWYG expects Artnet In on the default port 6454, so we’re stuck on using that same one.
If you do confirm that in vvvv the port is opened for reception as soon as the Sender is instanciated (even if not using the Receiver), then I guess we’re stuck on having the two apps fighting for the port – unless we could set different ports for artnet in / out in vvvv…


uk, now please see if that works with latest alpha which now takes two commandline parameters (optionally):
if you don’t specify any of the two they default to 6454. hope that solves your issues.


Downloaded & tested; no more port/socket errors and WYSIWYG displays ArtNet reception out of the box.
So this was it! (are you thinking of directly adding the setting to the node via inspector/inlet eventually?)

Thank you so much for the blazing fast response and update…
That’s gonna be a real game/life changer.


good to hear. will still leave it as commandline for now.