Vvvv to wdm ? dx texture to wdm?

this is a repost because i didt get any answer last year :P

im sure that someone ask this question before, but i didt find anything on the forum.

Is there any way to send vvvv video composition to any other vj forware as resolume/arkaos ? im using a workaround using vhsSreencap, i select a small peace of the desktop and that selections is being read as a webcam so i leave the render windows from vvvv below that and i can view it from any other software… for simple projects it works, but its no so usefull

is there any way to do this without using a software like vhscap ? like using a render -> DxTexture -> windows webcam driver ?

why not straight to ScreenShot?

i’d say best way to exchange video between apps on one pc is shared-memory. for this there are a couple of nodes and also see VideoStreaming.

sorry previous node link showing not what I meant
the right one:
screenshot (ex9.texture)
I still have doubleclick problems using AE the same time.
creating makro for doubleclick resolving the problem, but its not very handy

@DiMix what i mean its the opposite
i have a video composition in vvvv and i want to put it into resolume or any other app that only support WDM as an imput. what i made its like a “screnshot” node that outputs an especific area of the sccreen to a webcam driver and that can be viewed on any other video app ( Resolume, arkaos, flash web app from ustream, ect ) all this is made by using vhsSreencap.

the idea will be to open a webcam or a tv tuner card from vvvv, add a few text layers or complex compositions, or open a powepoint presentation for example ( i was able to do it with screenshot node ), and to use vvvv as the main video mixer, and the video mix from vvvv need to be send at the same time to :

vga output ( secondary monitor ), solved
svideo output ( vga to rca adaptor ), solved
brodcasted live trough ustrem flash app ( this app can see only WDM devices )

so a dx texture to -> WDM its what i need.

as a workaround im able to do it with that software vhsSreencap, but i cant move my render window from that area, another workaround will be to use a VGA imput card and to see if that card can be detected on windows as a WDM device, but i need one pc for the brodcast.

any ideas?


well i did it with another software like vhscap that works much better

i use the preview window to get the texture that i want, that is sent to vvvv with screenshot and then the output its send back to resolume