VVVV to Pangolin, Lasers and ILDA



I have opportunity to test a bunch of different laser controllers and I want to ask is it possible to use Pangolin fb3/fb4 with VVVV? I will be appreciated for any ideas and suggestions.


vvvv comes with built-in support for 2 laser controllers:


@joreg Does it mean that fb3/fb4 controllers will works fine? Honestly I don’t understand what Light Designer system is and what difference between them,


LD2000 is there only in x86 version?


Screenshot_13 Screenshot_14


i’m not familiar with details of those devices, so i cannot answer this question.

as mentioned in LD2000 is only available in x86 builds!


@joreg Thanks! Maybe you know someone who used this node?


not sure, maybe @eno or @colorsound can talk more about lasers…


Hi @yar, with this device you can use laser ILDA control in vvvv

I research a bit the Pangolin option the plug and L2000 is a bit outdated and it seems Pangolin only gives now sdk for their Beyong software not to hardware direcly.

Hope it helps.