Vvvv to max

hello ! i would like to send osc messages from max to vvvv via udp.
i have the 4.5.1 version of max. i place the externals in program files\Common Files\Cycling '74\externals but max reports an “error 127 loading external udpsend and udpreceive”. :(
i miss something or this version of max doesnt works.
please help!


I’d suggest to post such message in cycling’74 forums.
Hum i don’t have any clue for max version 4.5.1 only used 4.5.7 and 4.6 here.

Maybe you could find something usefull here.

Let us know btw,

i found another exeternal to send udp: netsed that works!!
Then i replace the object udpsend with netsend in coloursound’s patch but still doesn’t works…
any idea??

hi taso , probably it is the max version , but try this patch anyway .or maybe the tags thing , use this tag_1 instead of tag/1

taso.rar (4.4 kB)

udp-objects replaced the cnmat osc-externals during the last 1 or 2 years. maybe you find the cnmat stuff still on the net, they should work.

Just be aware that udpsend and updreceive doesn’t implement fully the osc specification (see the help patches).

I’d suggest to use OpenSoundControl external to format correctly the packets sent by max. And use [udpreceive port CNMAT](udpreceive port CNMAT) to be sure it’s compatible with OSC specifications.

Just for sanity sake, sending data from max to vvvv only with udpsend throw errors in the renderer (tty). It may works but it’s better to use the OpenSoundControl external.

thanks! guys, very usefull your coments!

p.s. @anachronik: vvvusers are also max experts! (i like this comunity !!)

thanks for the file colorsound…exactly what i needed

(i like this comunity too !!)