VVVV switching between applications

Hello everyone!

I find myself in a strange situation with a project I am about to start and actually seek freelance artist to do.

I will be having a computer running an android emulator with Digital Signage app running on fullscreen.
Upon scanning a barcode I want VVVV to switch back to itself and do its thing.
Do you think this can be done with VVVV ?

Thank you in advance.

Once I know this is possible I will post the project to collect offers.

Best Regards!

hei synth,

i don’t think you’ll have a definitive answer to that unless you’ve tried it. i’d say in theory it should be possible by toggling fullscreen. but why not simply give it a try?

There are a few browser based Android emulators (never tried them myself), if you can run your app in a browser then you can use HTML Texture to switch between native vvvv content and external content (this I did and it works very very nicely.

Also this exists: zxing-qrcode-reader.

I took a photo of the qrcode with smartphone, shown it to the camera, got “hello vvvv%helllo zxing” (b34.2 x86).

Sorry for the delay fellas .

Tried everything i know but it was a no-go. Moving away from this idea.
thanks for the input everyone!

Bit late maybe, but you can send key combos windowskey+number focus the apps in the quick launch bar, so you could put your android app as the 1st and vvvv as the 2nd, win+1 switch to android, win+2 back to vvvv
Would that help?

hei synth, can you elaborate on what you tried and what faild? just so we have it for the record…


well as my skills in vvvv are kinda low so what i said may not be entirely true. I tried what i could think of.
Firstly i tried to start second app (android emulator) via vvvv shell execute. So far so good, i can give it command line parameters and so on.
then i monitor the system processes to monitor if the app is running and if it crashes to start it up again.
it turned out the android emulator i liked does not accept command line parameters (cant start at fullscreen) and the one that i found that could do it was taking over the screen and vvvv could come on top when needed.

Basic idea was whenever a barcode is scanned vvvv should turn on fulscreen and take over the screen to show its thing.

On top of that the client changed some requirements and i gave up on that idea so i posted a project seeking freelancers to do it.

Best regards!