Vvvv suddenly loses all connections?

Every now and then my patch drops almost all it’s connections. The backup xml file doesn’t have them either. This is quite a drastic problem! It has done it about 5 times now, each time I have to revert to a previous backup I have made.



hi andy,

in some rare cases i experienced that links weren’t displayed anymore but were still working.
next time you open one of your backup-versions make sure you create a Renderer (TTY) to log error messages.

hhhm, i don’t see “evil” nodes here (except the Timeliner, which i don’t “trust”).

:MODULES:\andy\Contains (Value).v4p
is missing.
do you have any CreateEnum in there?

btw: the Beatstreetwrapper references to
:MODULES:\BeatStreet (Animation).v4p
which i don’t have.

Thanks for your reply kalle. For the missing references, see http://www.jahya.net/dls/vvvv/noconnections-modules.zip

I’ve been continuing working from a backup for a couple days now so fingers crossed.

I’ll use Renderer (TTY) in case it comes up again. Do I just leave it in there with the log message pin set to 1? or do I have to do something else?