Vvvv startup problem / quits instantly

this not a complain !

has anyone seen this before ? starting vvvv and you see the splash screen and bang …vvvv is gone. not in taskmanager, no error message, nothing.

i installed winXP32 and 2 times winXP64, same result.

that brings me to the conclusion, it must be something with the machine. its an alienware aurora desktop with the most recent coreI7 CPU.

logs everything until this 21:35:30.000 found Game Devices:

sometimes, 1 out of 20 , vvvv starts and works as expected.
same behaviour with beta23 and beta25.

ohh…another finding, letting vvvv start in compatibility mode (windows2000) makes it work.

very very strange thing.

has someone maybe another idea to track down whats going on while vvvv starts. some more information than just the v4 logfile ?


hum… have you killed additionnal firewalls and windows firewall ?
for myself with 25 i had trouble to launch my patches. I had to launch manually beta25 then launch my patch.
restarted computer to clean memory, same trouble.

other bug for starting beta25: trying to launch beta25, nothing shiwing up, 2 minutes after, trying to launch, nothing showing up, etc… in task manager there is 3 vvvv running, but not seen ( no splash screen nor patch)
I m suspecting possibility of a short cut that could affect VVVV a patch to start up, and that is unfortunaly being associated to a patch hidden and blanck…

na…its not a beta25 problem.
its the machine, i narrowed down the problem to the gamecontroller. the gamecontroller settings in the windows control panel wont open. i found ppl on the net having similar problems.

some driver or hardware collides with the gamecontroller component of windows. as vvvv tries to access it, vvvv crashes.

solved…after 2.5 days and 4 windows installations

one unknown USB Human Interface Device corrupted the Gamescontrollers Component of Windows hence vvvv.

deactivating this damn thing solved the problem.

i guess its the stupid case light control running via USB and looking like a joystick or whatever.