Vvvv Spanish tutorials

Hi all, a long time ago (node13) I told West that I will be translating his awesome vvvv tutorials to Spanish, it took me a while to start the project, but is better latter than never. There is a lot of people who don´t speak/read English or German, so by doing this I guess that will add several new users to vvvv… and more users = more possible licences sells. Already have 4 videos online, and to have better contact with the new users I started a facebook group with all the content.

" VVVV tutoriales ESP "

The videos will be under my youtube chanel https://www.youtube.com/user/andresc4 with the title
" vvvv tutorial español capitulo $cap.number "

Bravo, Andres! :)

youtube also has a feature to write subtitles for a video, so you do not have to record all videos again, but only write the subtitles for west’s videos…

…or better, make some English subtitles for yours :)

Good job sir!!