VVVV silently freezes

Can not find a more appropriate title for this thread, because I don’t know which part of this instruction list is causing the issue. This happenend when I accidentally created an input pin on a texture source.

How to reproduce:

  1. Open vvvv and a new document (in my case 22.5.0-0394)
  2. Reference VL.Stride
  3. Place a texture source (in my case Liquish)
  4. Expose the output texture as an IOBox
  5. Create an input pin with Ctrl and doubleleft click for one of the inputs of Liquish (the texture IOBox at this point is already broken)
  6. Delete the input pin again
  7. vvvv freezes

Does not happen with 4.12 and I should mention that right now I am on Bootcamp (although I recently got more and more the impression that there are no issues anymore that are specifically happening on Bootcamp installations).

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