Vvvv rendering vs quest3d multiscreen rendering

Hey guys

Did you know that Quest3d can handle any number of output devices, without any eyefinity or whatever, using only one renderer ?

And its based on DX9c, on windows 7

so, whats the diference with vvvv renderer ?

3 or 9 grand for full network support vs 500€? :P

they probably know something we don’t. to my understanding dx9 can fullscreen one renderer on one “device”. depending on settings of windows/graphicsdriver a “device” can be a single monitor or span across multiple monitors. i don’t see how vvvv or quest3d could influence that. so if you have more information on this…let us know.

@Joreg, I know with Resolume Avenue, they render on the GUI gfx card, and then pass that texture to the other outputs, this is openGL however, so I don’t really know if its relevent or feasible for dx9.
DX11 seems to work really well with multiple screens and gfx cards…

yeah to clarify what catweasel said DX11 windows could be spanned accross any outputs and it will work on all (if they’re on one adapter) quest3D probably uses form hacks creating a separate renderer rectangle for all monitors which are sized to fit their corresponding display. that would be the simplest/naive method

k, so sounds all like workarounds and not dx9 specific functionality. hard to smell what implications those have…

I know avenue has issues with smooth playback, and I would guess given they’ve said they’re hard to fix, it might have something to do with syncing the textures frame rates and outputs refresh rates, as I know catalyst had similar troubles for a while.

quest3d works with only one windows for the renderer, it doesnt have the option for multiple windows. so you have to span that renderer to multiple devices.
so is not in fullscreenmode, but vvvv cant span one renderer into multiple outputs

i will get a .exe from a friend if anyone would like to try it and see how this works! maybe there’s some usefull magic with it.

another hint: quest3d can handle very well the output until you use more than 4096 size…