Vvvv randomly crashes

Just trying to build a basic patch, but after a view minutes vvvv just suddenly freezes up and becomes completely unresponsive. No error messages or anything. Nothing left to do but kill it via Taskmanager. Looks like this always happens right when I click on a node, one time also when I tried to drag a dx9 Renderer Window. I’m using beta40 x64 + AddonPack, tried reinstalling it, then installed 39.1, which had the same problem.

My Laptop:
Lenovo Ideapad L340
Intel Core i5
GeForce GTX 1650
Win 10 Home

hey tidens,

this is not a specificly known issue. i therefore assume it has to do with the particular nodes that your using. can you send a patch that you’re working on, when this happens?

Hi joreg,

the nodes don’t really matter. I’ve only been using the most basic, boring old nodes there are. +, -, Transform, LinearSpread… There don’t even have to be any render-nodes. Seems like this mostly happens when I RMB-drag and release an input pin. I’ve noticed that my RMB has a loose contact and sometimes triggers multiple times on release. So to me this looks like some bug in the UI’s mouse handling, maybe?

so it doesn’t happen when you’re using a different mouse?

It stopped happening, same mouse and all. I can’t reproduce it anymore, even if I try. I guess I’ll be back if it returns and I can give a more helpful error report…

So the issue is that it stays inside that drag state somehow although the mouse is released and then becomes unresponsive, happens randomly but regularly. I think its present in all versions, but not completely sure. Currently working in 34.2 and it happens at least 5 x a Day. Hugely annoying bug since there is no way to recover, makes me save every time i change pins. Screenshot showing the State it Stays in when becoming unresponsive.

For me it really correlated strongly with my right mouse button’s loose contact. Haven’t had this issue again once I fixed the click mechanism.

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