Vvvv paint with hand

hi, i’m a new vvvv user and for an exam I would work with vvvv to create a simple (i think) project. With a webcam i want to track the hand movements of a person and convert these movements into a paint on the screen.
I’ve search similar questions on the forum but I’ve found nothing. Can someone tell me how can I do or if exists a tutorial yet?
Sorry for my bad english and thanks to all

no one can help me??

do you have any video reference to show what you want to achieve?

first check the freeframe plugin for tracking movement, to understand how you could track hands. Then I would say to try turning off the clear of the render. check this patch

drawing.v4p (12.7 kB)

besides the fact that nobody around here will ever complain about even the worst attempts of communication:
your english isn’t bad at all.

for really basic drawing techniques disabling the previously mentioned “Clear”-pin of Renderer (EX9) is the most easy way to go.

I’ve search similar questions on the forum but I’ve found nothing

well, but i remember that this not the first time this question being asked:

perhaps you should try searching again:

if this doesn’t help:
you shouldn’t hesitate to ask again here.


thanks a lot…the patch is perfect, now i’m trying to understand how to track the hand with the freeframe CamShiftTracker,and then I’ll try to connect to the patch that you gave to me.
The exam is the 27 so I think I have some days to study a lot vvvv and to understand your patch.
After the exam I’ll post the link to the video of the istallation…
thanks you too…the links you have posted talk about similar argoument but I wasn’t able to applicated to my work (is the 2days I use vvvv)…Now i’m working with the manuel patch and making tutorials but I think in the next days I’ll ask you other little thinks:D