Vvvv.org has issues with Google Safe Browsing websites list


I use Firefox with auto update. This very morning I can’t download any file from the site, since Firefox says “Blocked: may contain virus or spyware”.
Same thing with Chrome.
FF and Ch will not download .v4p and .zip (try here: Noizefield patch logic and here: IO Logic Problem

Made a few searches and discovered that FF uses Google Safe Browsing (Bypass Firefox's Blocked: May contain a virus or spyware message - gHacks Tech News).
Here they say that

Firefox handles the checks different than Chrome. Instead of communicating directly with a Google server whenever a user of the browser attempts to access pages or download files, it is checking a local copy of the blocklist first and will contact the server only if a match is found.

which somehow has changed, for vvvv is not in my blacklist (double checked, win internet options included).

Finally I visited this page


where G says that something happened on vvvv.org.
Webmaster is probably already aware, but you know…

Anybody confirming download issue?
Am I doomed?

confirmed with FF. strange. thanks for pointing this out. admin is on it.

About Chrome: first time I launched it and tried downloading something, it worked as expected. I then shut it down.
Then I tried a second time, after a few searches and before posting that with Ch there were no issues, and it then failed.

k, we found that google claims that the main vvvv.x86 download contains malware. consequently it seems it dooms vvvv.org alltogether. smart move.

i can only assume that they mean WinLockDLL.dll which has been reported malicious by anti-virus software in the past. i doubt that this .dll is malicious. its source can be found here:
we’ve reported back to google where it says this may take 24h to be analysed…


I think their problem is the functionality of that DLL

i guess so. it is fine with me if they have a problem with that. but they should not make it our problem.

Worst thing is that this is happening a couple months before Node.
Sabotage, that’s what it is - for that dll has been there for years, now: they should at least have an idea of this.
One day they wake up, and something’s wrong. Yeah, in their assorithms.

you might want to write a big red notice about this on the download page until this is sorted out.
this is however a little freaky that google can tag anything malicious without prior notice and without proper reasoning. x64 doesn’t work either

Same problem here… tried to download a v4p and it got blocked

Strange… did not have this problem using chrome… kinda… v4p are downloaded, zips not


Firefox 36.0: Tools > Options > Security Tab. It should be enough un-ticking the second voice. In English should be something like: “Tell me if the site I’m visiting is a suspected attack site”

Once you’ve finished here on vvvv.org


Wow. All caps + h2 is huge…


anyway thanks for pointing that out h99.