Vvvv on WinXP 64Bit

hello vvvvlers,

before I start reporting long stories about crashes I should ask one question in advance:

Is vvvv running without major restraints on WinXP 64Bit versions?!

couldn’t find any explicit hints about that at http://vvvv.org/tiki-index.php?page=FAQ+Installations

The system I am talking about is an Athlon64 3500+ 1Gig ram with a Nvidia 7600GT 256mb and WinXP 64 with all latest drivers and updates.
Overall performance (with 33beta11.1) seems ok with vvvv but I am experiencing many persistent crashes with video textures especially when I try to play/load more than one at a time.

appreciate every hint or help,
thanks in advance,