VVVV on Windows 10 Tablet

hello guys,

I have a simple question. Is it possible to run vvvv on a windows 10 tablet like this?

There is no heavy graphic stuff planned. Just show some 3D models with the possibility to rotate the camera zoom in and out to get different views on the object.


it will work, but don’t expect anything smooth unless you have stupidly simple 3D models with only few polygons.

sure possible to run vvvv, but there is drawcalls limit, so u need to maintain patch bit more, e.g. make sure u don’t use spreads of shaders otherwise ur fps gonna be around 10…

ok, thx for your replies.

one other question. is there any difference when i would use tools like unity web player for this project? I mean are there big differences in performance between vvvv and other renderengines?

not much, simplified you can think of it like this: all 3D frameworks prepare a list of instructions for the graphics card and upload that once per frame, the card then renders the instructions as fast as it can. native frameworks like vvvv tend to be a little faster than interpreted web scripts…