Vvvv on virtual windows?


I run Mac OS X at home and work and believe it or not don’t have access to a dedicated windows computer. I do have Parallels and can run windows from there. Anyone had any experience with vvvv’s performance in a virtual environment?


Joe Guest

the last time i heard of people trying to run vvvv on a mac, they were not able to install microsofts latest directx. vvvv uses directx9c, so without directx no vvvv. in case you get it running, please report your findings…

hi mr. guest, vvvv relies on the windows directX 9.0c 3d api, which usualy isn’t available on windows emulators.

There is a software renderer:


i try running vvvv with it, and it actually shows a render window with the transgaming logo (which is there always, until you buy the full version of swiftshader) but only black otherwise (btw: however can I scroll around in patches larger than the screen?). Is there any way to find out what actually the problem is? I dont really know if swiftshader does d3d9_c_, it does d3d9 prety well though (judging by the delivered examples).

i remember having tried the swiftshader with vvvv and it only worked with primitives. ie. not with effects.

back than (december 2005) i even contacted transgaming but they had no idea why shaders wouldn’t work with vvvv.

meanwhile i guess they have a new version.
are you trying this on a mac? (i tried it under native windows)

even a simple quad connected to the renderer won’t show up?

it works fine with bootcamp by the way.