Vvvv on mac ... again ? No, solved! with kinect also :)

im happpyyy!!!

i bough a Mac air mid 2011 , because of the relation power-size-prize , every day im more happy!
i never use a mac before, until octover 2011, well lion, its, nice … but we all miss vvvvv

solution: bootcam, partition, seven 64, vvvv, works like a charm, but i´m a little bit addict to lion, at least on this hardware, but i miss vvvv

a friend show me vmware fusion 4.0.2, vvvv on the virtual machines works excellent, but i have 128gb ssd, i don’t have space for lion, tools, bootcamp partition and also another 6gb for another virtual machine, but with vmware i can boot my partition that its already installed, so no extra espace needed, ( well 2gb for the “ram” of the virtual machine) and i was amaze how it works

i can have like another “space” or “desktop” with my vvvv working, render windows its not gray, and i do full screen on my second monitor and have vvvv working on full screen ( not at the same time, well yes, but the render node will be gray if you have it on unitiy mode and a render on each display )

you can work on lion and have ONLY the window of you vvvv patch working

i think this ( by far ) is the best option for a mac user to go into vvvv

my second question was " what about usb devices, midi controller, kinect? wiimote ? ", well, vmware let you chose on wich machine you want to “connect” your device, i was able to run kinect without any problem

wiimore can work with osculator, and send osc messages to windows, ot it can be connected with bluesoley taking the Bluetooth hardware into seven, and use the wiimote plugin

this open a new world of options, the network interface works, you can send osc messages from lion to mac, connect modul8, composer, and vvvv , all on the same machine, and when you need more power, just restart on bootcamp and thats it!

im uploading a video to show how it works i will post it here in a few minutes, mac users, processing users, modul8 users, please check this out!!!

in a few minutes i will upload the video with all the set up working

We all got another reason to be more happy :)
Thank you for the find!

Nice. Have you done any performance comparisons?

performance is way worse than working native,
also got vmware running here, but only for quick hacks…
(should be fine on a mac pro or iMac i7 I guess)

@rrrr yo are right, but i wasnt able to use vvvv on my mac air without a external mouse ( click and drag on 2nd click wont work, no mater what bootcam trackpad driver i use, but on the virtual machine im able to use vvvv without any problem, and the mouse works fine, thats a good advantage )

im not thinking this for “live performance” , the idea its to have at least, the option to open the program and start using it without any major limitations.

@mrboni i test this yesterday, i will do a clean instalation of seven, and a clean instalation of v27, after that i will open a few random patches to check the fps on my pc, on my mac ( on windows ) and on the virtual machine to see how many fps we have.

if you have any “test” or benchmark patch to share that will be great, the one that i test its the one that use the pipet to make a pointcloud from kinect ir+kinect rgb camera, its very graphical and cpu demanding, but i need something that can be use to compare between other machines. any idea, andy patch from /girlpower ?

you should really consider doing that in a shader. also as rrrr already pointed out, native performance is muuuuuch faster…

generally i’d say there can’t be a valid vvvv benchmark without a specific usecase imho as the applications people use vvvv for differ way to much to generalize on this.

@m4d yes you are 100% right
but lets say that my crapy point cloud with pipet its a intensive cpu and gpu operation and works, all the patch inside /girlpower gives me 120fps with perfmeter on fullscreen at 1366*768 on my mac display, and if I’m mirroring, on both. on my second display with fullscreen seven and fullscreen vvvv its the same

I’m happy with the fact that now I’m running lion doing my daily basics, i see something on the vvvv forum and with 1 click i can see the patch as another windows, vmware associates the v4p files, if you open it, i will turn on the virtual machine, set it to unity mode and gives me only the vvvv window mix with my Ishitty apps. Again, this is more about flexibility and time saving for quick composing rather than a trick for performance, the power of a virtual machine will be smaller for sure.

btw that was vvv 26 with the 1st kinect plugin, i still need to upgrade all to vvvv27 and the latest open ni.