Vvvv on Apple M1


I’m considering buying an Apple M1 (ARM-based) laptop and was wondering if anyone has tried running vvvv on it?

I have to admit I didn’t do much research into this topic yet, but it seems there are ARM-based versions of Windows 10 and 11 and Apple Parallels seems to support them. So it sounds like vvvv should run on those machines, right? Is there anything I’m missing here that might make this impossible or create an unsatisfactory experience using vvvv on an M1?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Just continued to read on this topic and realised that there is no Boot Camp for M1 Macs yet. Not sure what that means as Parallels seems to exist. I’m wondering if the driver support is the same?

There is no Boot Camp for Macs with Apple silicon chips, and the machines are not officially able to run Windows, although some users are figuring out ways to make it work. Official support could come in the future, but it largely depends on Microsoft licensing its Arm-based version of Windows to consumers, and so far, that hasn’t happened.

From Apple's M1 Pro Chip: Everything You Need to Know - MacRumors

I heard it runs but slow on new parallelis, emulates arm-x86 then gamma runs, there are issues with previews but fuse works

Thanks. That’s good to know.
Is there any way to constantly measure vvvv performance - like some kind of vvvv benchmark?

@antokhio do you know what version of Windows they were running? I heard ARM-based Windows versions vary quite a bit in performance (Windows 11 being faster than 10).

It’s unlikely that vvvv will run on an arm chip without modification, but if someone manages to do it, let us know… :-)

should ask @alg for that

Yes, we are running vvvv on M1 chip using latest parallels and Windows 11 ARM build. Here is the guide how to install Parallels with Windows 11 ARM KB Parallels: Install Windows on a Mac with Apple M1 chip.

Of coarse we are using this setup only for students and this is not meant for heavy load or be used in production, but for education works fine - better than nothing.

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Thanks, @alg. That’s great news. Thanks for sharing the guide.
Apart from lack of performance, is there anything in particular that is causing issues or not working for you guys with this setup?

Repeating my question from above:

Is there any way to constantly measure vvvv performance - like some kind of vvvv benchmark?

It would be great to know what slow performance means in numbers and make them comparable to other x86 setups.

@jerry The texture previews in IOBox are not working at all i think. Btw, at your place i would took performance as a serious consideartion - for realtime graphics it is important to have at least 60 FPS in a preview, so you can see how your animations are performing. We didn’t do any heavy load on this Parallels setup, just run particles patch and exported some images.

I also think it’s important to mention that we are using vvvv gamma and usually on a daily build. Parallels setup was tested on a 526 build to be exact.

From my side, i would recommend you to look at Asus M16 laptop - despite battery life (4-6 hours) it’s a nice laptop for vvvv with a Mac like build quality, definitely better than 2016 Macbook Pro which i considered as a well designed laptop before.

Hi, i am surprised and delighted to hear that it runs at all…
i will make the switch to ARM/M1 soon and for my use case (1,2 mostly static visualisations per year where FPS is not important) the performance tradeofs are fine.

@jerry if running vvvv is a really important part of your work, it think you should get a windows pc :) Emulation/Virtualization will always be slow(er), and you don’t want to deal with Parallels annoyances (Fullscreen, etc) in a production environment.
@alg did you try beta?

@fleg Unfortunately we are using only vvvv gamma now. Beta should work i think, but never tested.

@fleg @alg thanks for your recommendations regarding a computer. To be honest I’m not using vvvv much at the moment. Yet it’s still a powerful tool I would like to have access to when certain kinds of projects come to me. In the meantime, I’ve ordered an ARM-based Mac Book Pro. (Considering my type of work - programming/design/video/photo editing) the operating system alone justifies sticking with Apple as my main computer. And their new laptops are finally very powerful.

With this laptop, I was hoping to be able to get rid of my desktop PC but I might hold off on that for a bit after reading about your experiences. vvvv is literally the only reason for me to keep my PC. And I wish vvvv would not have this requirement.

So regarding the future: so there is this whole new line of powerful computers coming up. And maybe in the future other manufacturers might follow this direction (just guessing here, I don’t have much knowledge about CPU/GPU architectures, licenses, patents etc.)!?
I’m wondering if the vvvv team has an interest in supporting ARM-based computers more (to natively support these powerful machines but also to support more users by fixing the above-mentioned quirks)? Of course, I have no idea how much or little dev time would have to go into it.
Any thoughts?

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just stumbled upon this: Windows 11: ARM-Version wird auf Apples M1 und M2 nun offiziell unterstützt › Dr. Windows