Vvvv/max via osc

Hi there,

I’m new to this, and I got stuck. I want to hand a list of integer values over to max msp. For this I used the OSC encoder. Problem: The OSC Encoder only accepts strings, but max expects ints. Or is it a parsing-problem within max? However, I want to control a multislider in max with the values from v4. If I print the incoming message from the OSC Object in Max it looks all quite good, it hands over a list of numbers. But if I try to use them, for instance to divide them via iter-object into single numbers and hand them over to the multislider, they are not accepted.

Sorry for my way of describing, but I’m definitely not into programming ;)

Any ideas how I can convince v4 to send integers or to convince max to parse the incoming data the right way?

Thanks in advance

via osc vvvv sends the type you tell it via typetag. see the helppatch of OSCEncoder. you hand the node over everything as string. but with the typetag you tell it how the target-application is supposed to interpret the data.

no idea of the max-side. but this has been solved before and shouldn’t be a vvvv specific thing to solve in max. just see the osc-decoder helppatch in max.