VVVV -> MAX static value


my question is more Max Msp related, but i want to ask it here.
So i managed it to send values via OSC to max, everything fine so far BUUUTTT…
Problem is, that max is get the network message as an clipping 1.
So its not always 1.
In VVVV this would be easy to solve by an S+H Node connected to the incoming value + Change(Node) to the Set pin of the S+H.

Is there something similar in Max?

I want to send a Monoflop 1 of some time period to Max, there a soundfile should be triggered and played, as long the monoflop outputs 1.
Right now i just get that “flickering” 1 in Max and because of that the soundfile always get played from the begining.

Hope you understand the Problem
Anyone has an Idea?


maybe you can solve this inside v4 ? audio

or just use the change and gate objects in max!

Yessss and again Forum solved Problem :D

The gate object did it!