Vvvv.js - Receiving Errors

So I’ve made a patch in vvvv, and now im trying to run it in Chrome by using vvvv.js
I tried it with simple patches, and it worked succesfully. However, when i try doing the same thing with one of my more complex patches I received a bunch of errors in Chrome’s console. Never worked with the console or Javascript before, yet i managed to fix most of the errors except for two of them:

All i can tell about the top one is that I used a couple of HSL / HSV nodes, but idk if that’s relatable. Couldn’t find anything helpful about this error on Google.

Same for the bottom one, which is a strange error that keeps repeating itself infinitely in the console, for like 60 times a second (every frame I guess).

I can tell some of the differences between the simple working patch, and my current not-working patch.

The simple patch was basically just rotating quads (renderer, quad, linearspread and LFO)

The complex patch is an audio-responsive motiongraphic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYey5WvXXDY

It includes nodes from the addonpack like Beatdetector(bass) and Filestream(bass). It also has several subpatches. I’ve put them in the same folder as the main-patch.

Any idea how to fix this, or what could Possibly be the problem here?
I can send the .v4p if necessary.

Thanks by advance


vvvv.js and vvvv are not compatible , you can’t relyably port patches.

too much is different between the two. you can only develop a patch from bottom up in vvvv.js or vvvv.


I leave you some links for reading

and this chat channel for questions and aswers

I see, thanks for the information @tekcor.

However, I recently stumbled upon this video demonstrating a vvvv-to-vvvv.js connection. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56vBXoKhN8Q
Im not sure if this feature is still a thing tho, its a very old video.

Are you possibly familiar with this? Can i still get that node somewhere?

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