Vvvv.js kind of vvvv on html5?

i just found this lost on createdigitalmotion.com
i didn’t found any thread about it on the forum

I heard it’s the next big thing :)

does any one have some code for a hello world? was just playing with the demos a little but have not managed to make a simple html with patch yet. I did read the readme, but got the sense I was missing something (obviously since I could not get it to work).

check the shoutbox ;)

it was TO MUCH to be unofficial !!!

this will make a HUGE change!!!

on my ipad i wast able to see the 3d example, but the other one works fine…
didn’t work on android… i know this is the beta 0.000001 but im sure this will be … well the title its 100% correct " The next big thing! "

This is the next big thing! It would be so helpful for prototyping in Interaction Design!

@vjc4 WebGL is not available on iOS (won’t be for another year I guess), therefore 3D examples don’t run

three.js is a javascript 3d engine, using (primarily) webgl. there’s probably some useful code in there :)