Vvvv.js effects do not run locally

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I want to create online visualisations in vvvv.js - and in a need of using shaders and effects. While playing around with the existing examples from github: https://github.com/zauner/vvvv.js and trying to edit this particular example: https://github.com/zauner/vvvv.js/tree/master/examples/08_2pass_heightmap, the heightmap.fx (or DeformByHeightMap.fx) node is not loading properly (so I cannot see the heightmap deformation as on the online example: http://lab.vvvvjs.com/show.php?id=5c9231dc947731a859463d8391914d084d67bd03). Whenever I enter #edit/example08.v4p in the browser, in terminal I get message:

“ERROR: Could not load shader file HeightMap.vvvvjs.fx”
“Warning: Could not load shader file HeightMap.vvvvjs.fx is not implemented”. …

In Chrome console:

“VM89:194 Cannot read property ‘1’ of null” and “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘1’ of null
at VVVV.Nodes.GenericShader.setupShader (vvvv.nodes.webgl.js:1874)”

The both files are in the same folder as the patch (and also in the effect folder). I went through the html files - triple checked all the links as well as xml file of v4p but cannot find any source of the problem. ANY IDEAS??? Thanks, Kasia

you may be more lucky asking vvvv.js related questions here: https://github.com/zauner/vvvv.js/issues

or call @tekcor or @sagishi for help


that particular example seems not to be compatible with 2.0 (or Github’s master).

Moreover, 2-pass rendering with Canvas as first pass going into WebGL as 2nd pass (like in that example) has been broken at some point and has not yet been replaced. Passing WebGL Renderer to WebGL Renderer works fine though.

For more shader heavy examples have a look at tekcor’s vvvvjs-examples at https://github.com/tekcor/vvvv.js-examples

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for your direct support i can recommend the official vvvv.js chat, which replaces our forum atm


then, as sagishi pointed out, check out my examples

in particular the “walking on terrain” will give you a good example of how to do the heightmap nowadays, there is an extra node for it. you can feed it with a one dimensional height buffer, either procedurally or from a json file

I also wrote this tutorial of how to get things started locally

note that currently the most advanced vvvv.js branch on which the examples page and this tutorial runs is under another link:

just write us in the riot chat if you need help for your project ;)

Hey there,

Thanks for your prompt reply and all noted!


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