VVVV is not Opening...Throwing up some error

which version of .net framework do you have installed?

doesn’t the alpha already require .net 4.7? does setup check for this already? @joreg

So the beta version is working fine guys…
Will it be stable for my project…I’m taking 30 digital inputs amd processing it… important graduation project…

@woei indeed, setup is not yet checking for .net472!
@Asir beta is the stable one, alpha is the preview

Okie… Cool.
Thanks a lot man

I have one more thing also to be sorted
So I’m using arduino mega 2560 just to get digital input values.
I’m working on a sound based installation

I want a sheet or module that displays all the pin input values at once.
say pin number 3 - - > 0 or 1
I use that to mute the sound or unmute the sound
I must be able to connect the values to the volume out, Just 0 or 1

I’m very new to this, does not know many technical terms, but if you can help it would be really helpful.
And you have already helped me so much.

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