Vvvv is freezing

hello there …

The 4v is freezing from nowhere, i have to press the ctrl+alt+del to close al the windows (my precious patches) … i reinstalled the program and this is just happening to vvvv and my anti-virus says everything is ok.
in the windows task manager, another 02 taskes appear : infotip and infodot, i think this is related to the problem (or not).

Is this happen to anyone before ? … tips are wellcome.

happened here too, sometimes a rightclick at the vvvv button in the task bar helps…

thank you very much … it is working fine

so is this a problem related to the recent release?

i had that problem with a patch i made for an installation last saturday. I had to stay close the whole evening and restart the patch every half an hour.

i can´t switch to older versions though, as there is text(ex9) in there…

which OS?

Vista or 7?

my 7 also makes sometimes makes trouble when using plugins (like text (EX9). it freezes the whole OS then.

didn’t have that like this with XP.

i´m on xp x64 now, but i used x86 on saturday. the problem seems to be the same.

actually i´m letting the thingy run without text activated and it runs for hours.

could the slimDX- runtime be the problem?

(tonfilm told me, that it´s necessary for the Text(ex9) to run, when i asked about why my text doesn´t show up. i would never have been figured out that on my own, tss)

cheers, schnick