Vvvv introduce artifact in video

I am experiencing a behaviour that might have been in vvvv all along but I have just not noticed before because of the nature of the content I usual use.

the content in this case is animated video, simple graphics. I experience artifacts when playing back the clip in vvvv, that are not present in vlc-player or windows media player.

I am suspecting colorspace conversion to be the sinner, but I am not certain. I am using the picvideo motionjpeg 3vfw codec.

I have tried different versions of vvvv but experience the same behaviour.

This patch has this behavior on my system

Any ideas


ai Sunep,

can you make screenshots of the same videoframe in vvvv and in an other mediaplayer to show us the difference?!

problem Identified

With the picvideo motion jpeg, the decompressor should of course also be installed on the machines running the video clips…

Well there is usually an solution under your eyes, just do it correctly :)


or one could say, the problem is often between the headphones