Vvvv hangs when current frame is around 7000

hey guys!

using win8 x64 / NVIDIA GeForce GT 740 M / Intel COREi7, the patch displaces a grid by RGBA data of a video(vlc node) and whenever the current frame(Mainloop) in around 7000 vvvv hangs, I put the max framerate on 30 or 25 but no matter!
I have no idea what else should I do!
any suggestion?

hei miro, i’m afraid that doesn’t make much sense without the patch and/or video. from the sparse info you give i’d have to assume that your videofile is broken and at some point just makes the vlc library freeze?!
have you tried this on a different PC?

Hey Joreg,
just realized the problem is the audio(File stream Bass) which I totally forgot to mention, seems something is wrong with the file.
I’ll try to fix it, also will take a look on best audio formats for vvvv and I will get back to you for possible problems.
thanks in advance