VVVV Gamma with Wii remote

Hello everyone,
I saw that there is a WiiRemote node in VVVV Beta, so I also want to be able to use Wiiremote as an input device in Gamma. Does anyone have a solution?
Thank you

hey giovanni!

i’m afraid wiimote is at this point not supported out of the box. but as you may have heard, vvvv supports .NET NuGets, and there is a NuGet which supports the wii.

so if you dare to go this way, start with learning about using .NET libraries. also consider watching this intro webinar on the topic.

if you need this for a commercial project, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll sort this out.

Thank you Joreg

I’m just learning to use VVVV Gamma right now, no commercial use yet.
I try that Gamma can be connected with more real devices, which can expand the ideas and dimensions of the design.

Thank you again, your answer helped me a lot!!

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