Vvvv gamma does not start

bug description, when i start gamma 5.0 , any version, the splash screen pops up and then goes away, the software does not start.

what works: double clicking a patch to start gamma, everything is fine

probably some cache files ? any idea how to fix that ?

odd, please see if you find any related error in the windows Event Viewer:


Sorry for the trouble!
Getting no feedback by vvvv about the actual problem isn’t so lovely. The latest gamma 5.0 preview build should be able to tell you more about what the actual problem is. I hope that helps!

My guess: It’s probably related to command-line arguments.
Please tell us if the new version was able to help you here.

i cleaned every trace of vvvv from my pc and reinstalled the latest preview, the issue is gone. we will never know what went wrong. the windows event viewer wasn’t helpful, no entry.

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