Vvvv gamma audio reactive demo projects


I wanted to test one of the demo projects, specifically the “FFT 3D Waterfall of an audio signal” that vvvv gamma provides.
When I open the project, I see nothing in the scene window (stride) except a black plane and there is no sound.

I am very new to the programm so I don’t understand exactly what the AudioIn node does. What is the audio source in the demo project suppose to be? What if I want to use an audio file as a source?

There is another demo project called “Sound particles” which does use a directory of sound files but I have the same problem here. I don’t see or hear anything so I don’t what is suppose to happen.

Maybe I am supposed to add nodes to make it run but after researching I still don’t how. Maybe I’m missing an important step.

Sorry, it’s a very basic question. I hope someone can help me understand.

FFT 3D Waterfall of an audio signal: The AudioIn generally defaults to a microphone. If no mic (or other input) is a available → no sound and no visuals. You can for example copy the AudioPlayer from its reference patch (just search audioplayer in the help browser) and connect it instead.

For the Sound Particles you’ll have to select a directory that contains sound files: Press Shift and right-click the IO-Box connected to the Dir node and select a folder, then press F9 (or bang the Simulate pin of OnOpen). Press the IO-Box that is connected to the If region to create particles. The patch does not render any visuals. The particles are just objects that get spawned, play their sound and are destroyed once the sound-file finished playing.


Thank you so much for the information! I did what you suggested and connected the audio player. I selected a mp3 file but there is still no sound nor a visual. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong :(

Have you made sure that the audio engine is running and set up correctly in the vl.audio configuration?

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Thank you! I can finally see the visual! Now I selected “ASIO: ASIO4ALL v2” as the driver. Before it was set to “default”. I was hoping to hear someting if I connect the AudioOut node to the audio player. Do I need to select my speakers or headphones for the output somewhere?

you set that up in the asio4all control panel