Vvvv gamma and opening v4p patches


I am new learning vvvv and I have a very simple question.
I am not sure if it is a dumb question but I have really tried to search the forums and documentation without success.

I have done a project in vvvv beta 38 last year. Yesterday I downloaded vvvv gamma and started to relearn and play with the new software, it looks great!

My question is:
It is possible to open or import v4p files done in vvvv beta in vvvv gamma?
Do I need to rebuild all my old patches from scratch in gamma VL format?

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hey borne,

i’m afraid this is not possible. while the basics are similar, in the end the two languages and available nodes are too different for this to work. so yes, you’ll have to start from scratch with vvvv gamma.

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